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Places to Visit in Israel

Places to Visit in Israel

If you’re into your travel, or interested in the Middle East in general, I have something you might be interested in. I spent a month in Israel this summer, exploring the place, seeing the sights, being a good culture enthusiast. I also couchsurfed in many places. I was travelling with my American friend and we … Continue reading

“Friend, Luck Ain’t A Part Of It”

Disclaimer: the first part of this is so painfully arrogant and boastful that it’ll sicken you BUT if you survive it you’ll be rewarded. Handsomely. With gold medallions. And drugs. Okay, ready? So… …I’m a 23-year-old Cambridge guy. I have £5000 in savings. I’ve just finished three years of a degree I actually enjoyed. I’ve … Continue reading

My Prize-Winning Study Abroad Essay

What follows is the essay I wrote and submitted to a university competition among people who had studied abroad. For all I know I was the only entrant, but I won £30 ODEON vouchers for it regardless. I think it’s kind of neat. Enjoy, friends.   I keep trying to come up with great reasons … Continue reading

Sunshine, Scenery and Silence

Because I’m British, and because it’s been unseasonably pleasant out lately, I’m obliged to first mention the weather. It was warm when I left my home in Greater London to head to Gatwick Airport and it was warm every day while I was in Northern Ireland. It was only three days, and was turning grey … Continue reading

Usefulness of Travel

Travel, as a word, means the transition of something between two points, usually across physical space. Commuting to work every day is a form of travel. As is walking to a uni class. What most people mean, though, by travel, is the visiting of some unfamiliar place at some distance from your normal routine. Walking … Continue reading

Growing Old So Young

Chuck had three books devoted to Morrissey and The Smiths stacked in a pile on his desk. It was a point of connection on the night we first met: me, a study abroad student from England; him, a born and bred American from Asheville, North Carolina. We also had a mutual fondness for The Cure. Ironic that … Continue reading

Memorable Meals #1

Looking at it, while sitting on that tree stump among the Queros tribe in the Amazon Rainforest, it could have been a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk. That would have been a normal weekday morning breakfast. I’d probably have eaten it whilst watching the end of BBC Breakfast with Bill and Sian. … Continue reading