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Oh How the Balance Swings…

My life has this weird habit of going from nothing happening, nothing happening, nothing happening, to oh dear god what the hell have I done how the hell am I ever going to get all this done by Tuesday morning and when will I get a chance to sit in my pants eat scrambled egg … Continue reading

My Prize-Winning Study Abroad Essay

What follows is the essay I wrote and submitted to a university competition among people who had studied abroad. For all I know I was the only entrant, but I won £30 ODEON vouchers for it regardless. I think it’s kind of neat. Enjoy, friends.   I keep trying to come up with great reasons … Continue reading

First Music Review

I’ve just this minute had my first music review published on a professional website, that of ManchesterSound. They promote the music of unsigned bands and have people like me write reviews. I’m new to all this so I’m not entirely sure, but I think, under the terms of my release form, I’m not allowed to … Continue reading

Growing Old So Young

Chuck had three books devoted to Morrissey and The Smiths stacked in a pile on his desk. It was a point of connection on the night we first met: me, a study abroad student from England; him, a born and bred American from Asheville, North Carolina. We also had a mutual fondness for The Cure. Ironic that … Continue reading