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Songs for Introverts

Songs for Introverts

  I’ve recently been shown the joys of a band called The National. I’ve fallen completely in love and so far I’ve only listened to the album High Violet. There’s something about the lyrics that really strike a chord with me. “Say you stay at home / Alone with the flu / [I] find out … Continue reading

The Awkward Bar-Girl

I was in a Wetherspoons with a friend recently. I forget which one and in which city (not because I was drunk – I swear on my mum’s left nipple that I wasn’t), I’ve just been in quite a few different ones in different places recently: Brighton, Kingston, Surbiton, Cambridge, Belfast. This one that I … Continue reading

People in My Life (Part Two)

My last post I’m calling “People in My Life (Part One).” This is part two. There’ll be a part three sometime because I love the word trilogy and I’ve been dying for a chance to use it. Trilogy. Such a sexy word. Anyway, enjoy part two, it’s about people I feel most connected to. Not strangers … Continue reading

The Profound Pine Cone

As I sit here writing this there is a pine cone on my desk. It’s not a very impressive pine cone; in fact, it’s bent and lifeless and altogether quite dull. It’s brown and rough and feels like plastic. Some pine cones are open and honest about themselves but not mine: this one here on … Continue reading