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“Friend, Luck Ain’t A Part Of It”

Disclaimer: the first part of this is so painfully arrogant and boastful that it’ll sicken you BUT if you survive it you’ll be rewarded. Handsomely. With gold medallions. And drugs. Okay, ready? So… …I’m a 23-year-old Cambridge guy. I have £5000 in savings. I’ve just finished three years of a degree I actually enjoyed. I’ve … Continue reading

The Awkward Bar-Girl

I was in a Wetherspoons with a friend recently. I forget which one and in which city (not because I was drunk – I swear on my mum’s left nipple that I wasn’t), I’ve just been in quite a few different ones in different places recently: Brighton, Kingston, Surbiton, Cambridge, Belfast. This one that I … Continue reading

People in My Life (Part Two)

My last post I’m calling “People in My Life (Part One).” This is part two. There’ll be a part three sometime because I love the word trilogy and I’ve been dying for a chance to use it. Trilogy. Such a sexy word. Anyway, enjoy part two, it’s about people I feel most connected to. Not strangers … Continue reading

The Profound Pine Cone

As I sit here writing this there is a pine cone on my desk. It’s not a very impressive pine cone; in fact, it’s bent and lifeless and altogether quite dull. It’s brown and rough and feels like plastic. Some pine cones are open and honest about themselves but not mine: this one here on … Continue reading