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“Friend, Luck Ain’t A Part Of It”

Disclaimer: the first part of this is so painfully arrogant and boastful that it’ll sicken you BUT if you survive it you’ll be rewarded. Handsomely. With gold medallions. And drugs. Okay, ready? So… …I’m a 23-year-old Cambridge guy. I have £5000 in savings. I’ve just finished three years of a degree I actually enjoyed. I’ve … Continue reading

Saying What We Mean

As part of a 30-day rail trip around America last May/June, I couch-surfed in Los Angeles for a night. I was staying with a 30-year-old woman in North Hollywood whose boyfriend was out of town – he didn’t particularly want her to host while he wasn’t there so I ended up talking on the phone with the … Continue reading

Job Interview Anxiety (advice)

Today I took the train from Cambridge to King’s Cross, London. Normally I relax on the train: views of wide open fields, plenty of leg room, and a nice tidy iPod session with a freshly-made playlist. But today I couldn’t do that. Not because there was some fat sleeping fuck next to me snoring so … Continue reading