Who Am I?

A soon-to-be-graduating student of creative writing and media, I write because I want to convince the world that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If you’re stressing about a big presentation, or being made redundant, or where to dispose of your late wife’s dead body after you accidentally pushed her off the roof, take a step back and think about the superficiality of it all. Despite what the news and naysayers say, the world isn’t a bad place. It’s full of great kindness, love, smiles, and oh god just look a puppy in the eye already.

Winner of the Garland Keever Memorial Award for Humorous Writing in 2011, I’m hoping, like all writers, to one day become world-famous, absurdly wealthy, and have an entire harem of gorgeous brunettes at my side at all times. But that won’t happen, so I’ll settle for a basement flat in London, a 50-hour-a-week minimum wage job, a masterful understanding of how to stretch £7.50 into a week’s worth of food, and a picture of a beautiful girl I once thought I had a shot with on my bedside table.

Whichever I end up with I’ll enjoy the journey, so long as I can continue writing and making you anonymous fuckers smile from time to time.

Find me on Twitter @ambigram0 for tweets which aren’t as funny as they should be and are as self-promoting and narcissistic as anyone on any social network.

One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Haha..I don’t think taking a step back would help if you pushed your wife off the roof 😛 But I totally understand the thing about the news people who make every news sound like its the end of the world while the good news only gets around 0.1% of anybody attention…

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