Places to Visit in Israel

If you’re into your travel, or interested in the Middle East in general, I have something you might be interested in.

I spent a month in Israel this summer, exploring the place, seeing the sights, being a good culture enthusiast. I also couchsurfed in many places. I was travelling with my American friend and we hadn’t planned anything beforehand; literally nothing. Not even somewhere to stay on our first night. And so it was that we found ourselves sleeping rough on a Tel Aviv beach.

In Nazareth, we couchsurfed in the footsteps of Jesus.

To solidify our friendship, and as a counter-point to the classic, obviously lesbian Thelma and Louise adventure, my friend and I did a short, sharp road-trip into the Golan Heights. It was a messy bromance.

If that bromance wasn’t quite gay enough, on my first night in Jerusalem, I found myself being invited for sex by a gay Israeli goat herder.

When I wasn’t chatting to farm-hands, I was exploring the sights. And Jerusalem had many.

No trip to Israel would be complete without a trip inside the West Bank/Palestine. I couchsurfed with an American activist in Bethlehem but it was my day trip to Hebron, the “worst” city in Palestine but one I was told I had to visit, which was the highlight. I wrote about my experience: This is part one. Part two concerned my visit to one of Israel’s notorious settlements in Palestine.

If any of that appeals to you, get stuck in. There’s some great reading to be had there, if I do say so myself. Not to mention all the cool photos for you to enjoy.

Hopefully it’ll inspire you to make your own trip to see what the place is like. It’s worth a visit.


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